My Sassy Girl

South Korean writer/director Kwak Jae-young delivers an odd amalgam of romance, comedy, melodrama and cinematic homage with 2001’s My Sassy Girl, a film that works better than its bifurcated story structure would suggest. Adapted from novelist Kim Ho-sik’s source work, itself based on the author’s internet anecdotes of a dysfunctional real-world relationship, My Sassy Girl proves to be an anti-rom-com that remains touching and funny even as it actively eschews the cringe-worthy cliches typically characteristic of the genre. Part love story, part gross-out comedy, leads Cha Tae-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun sell the scattershot script with ample charisma and on-screen chemistry in this underacknowledged gem. Kindly disregard the execrable 2008 American remake.

  • SD
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